Saturday, 22 October 2016

A guy who stole my heart...

Emotions are no less than a blessing from God because no one has got enough of them. But at times, this blessing becomes more of a pain for you when they are one sided. Not everyone is lucky enough to be loved back by people whom they fall for. It happens too often for people to fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you back or don’t feel the same way for you. The same beautiful feeling of love turns into miserable situation for you.
One sided love is never easy. It puts you in grief all the time because your heart does not understand and keeps on expecting from the loved one. You get hurt every time your expectation is not fulfilled and your heart falls apart. You keep on trying to evoke the same feelings in the next person’s heart and don’t want to give up despite the closed door in front of you. Your ego hurts and your friends blame you for moving on but your love doesn’t let you do that. The only solution to this is patience. Do not blame yourself for indulging in this because you can not control your heart to fall for some particular person and not the other. Do not hide your emotions in the fear of getting hurt. Share your feelings with the one you love and he/she might come to you one day.
It is human nature to expect from others in terms of feelings. When you love someone, your heart automatically evokes the need to get the same amount of love back or at least get acknowledgement. But when you don’t get those feelings back, you get hurt and there’s nothing that you can do about it. You can not put love for yourself in someone’s heart no matter how much you try. Love is not something that can be done with effort but instead it just happens.
If you’re in one sided relationship and need some sad quotes and sayings about one sided love. Here is a beautiful collection of one sided love quotes for you:

Calm your mind with this lovely quotes...

I was born again because of your love, but I died of the same reason.
I’m not sure what scares me more, that you will never start loving me, or that I will never stop loving you.
People will hold your hand though the darkness but then let go when they find the light.
I love dreaming, because in my dreams, you’re actually mine.
It’s so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.
I tried to hate you but the only thing I hated is how much I loved you.
At some point, you have to realize that he doesn’t care, and you could be missing out on someone who actually does.
Loving someone who doesn’t love you in return… is like trying to fly with a broken wing.
He’s the one I love, but he keeps ignoring me.
You don’t understand that the thought of you being with someone else hurts.
Why do I feel so far away from you even though you are sitting right next to me?

It’s hard to wait around for something that you know might never happen. but it’s even harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want.

De'Misa Warchati 

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